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March 26, 2016
Another week down, another week putting together outfits!  You'll start to soon realize I have a more 'capsule' style wardrobe and rotate and mix and match pieces a LOT.  Which isn't a bad thing! Most of us don't have the disposable income to be able to buy a new outfit every weekend.  I'm going to forego the normal links this week since I'm short on time, but if you ever have questions about an item I wore, leave a comment on catch me on Facebook!  So let's get into what I wore this week:

Monday - 

I actually had this blouse on last Thursday, St. Patrick's Day, and couldn't bring myself to not wear green on such a storied holiday for me.  I purchased this top at TJ Maxx a few summers back and I wore it all the time while pregnant with a white maternity tank underneath.  Paired with my trusty H&M crops and Target heels and it was a great mood boosting outfit for a Monday.

Tuesday -

When your schedule calls for you to be in the office before sunrise, it's going to be a long day.  I wanted to feel put together but comfy, so I paired my trusty joggers and Target v-neck t-shirt with this blazer I got from Nordstrom and a statement necklace to feel a little more put together.  Never underestimate how put together a shirt and blazer came make you feel.

Wednesday -

My fitness routine has been very consistent recently, and I've been pleased with the results I'm seeing. Today was no exception as I was feeling really long and lean.  To enhance that I did reach for black, which is naturally slimming, but make sure if you're still wearing something that has great fit!  Just because a shirt is black doesn't mean that the cut will flatter and enhance the slimming effect.

Thursday -

Last workday this week!  Kept it pretty simple with my crop pants and this layered shirt from Talbots.  I always through on at least one necklace to help me feel like I've finished a look.  Accessories do help create diversity in your wardrobe and I recommend investing strategically.  Once of the main reason I joined Stella & Dot is the opportunity it gave me to purchase modern, fashionable pieces cheap!!

Friday -

Good Friday!  I was in St. Louis at my parent's house, but was still wanting to look put together.  I was going to see my girlfriend and work with her on getting the most out of her wardrobe (see next week's blog post for more on that).  I couldn't travel with much, so I brought tops and bottoms that could be mixed and matched based on my mood for that day.  I picked this blouse up from my Talbots adventure and kept it neutral with my olive chinos from H&M.

Well, that's this week!  I've enjoyed summarizing these outfits and I hope you've all been getting some inspiration from them!

Have an amazing Easter weekend, whether you spending time with family or friends...and I'll see you later, back here in my closet.
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