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No time to breathe let alone blog

June 28, 2013
Here's the outfit I wore yesterday to the official convention

Dress -Milly for Banana Republic (currently in stores)
Cardigan - Merona for Target

Here's what I wore today, had to be in whites for business meetings for the sorority

Also repping my chapter!

Hopefully I'll get to blog again soon!

Online shopping sites and OOTD 6/26

June 26, 2013
Today's outfit brings me to a area I shopping.  What isn't there to love about sitting at home, comfy in your sweats and buying to your hearts delight?  Oh, are you talking about buyer's remorse? Clothing not fitting right?  I've learned a few tricks to help ease those concerns over the years....

Let's start with today's outfit:

Dress - Everly Grey (purchase from Gilt)

Yes....this dress is a maternity dress, but the print was too great to pass up and it was only $22 (retail $72).  So I felt I could wear it even though I'm not pregnant (repeat, NOT).  Plus I'm building my maternity stash :)

Gilt is probably the online discount site I shop from the most.  It has a wide array of high and low designers and it ranges from women's wear, men's wear, home goods (including books, furniture, rugs) and kids/baby/maternity wear.  They also have Gilt City which is like a Groupon section.

Here are a few things I've purchased from Gilt

I've found two restaurants to try while we are in Boston through Gilt City.

Next site that I like to shop from is HauteLook (recently purchased by Nordstrom).  It's similar to Gilt, both high and low end.  I like the selection at Gilt better, but I've made some good finds in the blowout sale events on this site.  HauteLook will also have cosmetics sales that can yield good finds as well.

Here are two things I just purchased last night on HauteLook

The final site I visit often is Zulily.  It's very family focused and is mostly women's and kid's clothing with random other sales.  It's probably the worst site when it comes to shipping and getting your order to you in a appropriate amount of time.  Here are a few items I've purchased (I'm pretty sure I got the scarf for $10 and the dress for $25).

Things to watch for when shopping these online sites:
1) Know your measurements!  These sites get product from all different designers, so sizing is very different from design to design.  Know your bust/waist/hip measurements and use the available size chart.
2) Know the return policy.  LOTS of these sites have a 'final sale' notice where you can't return, or if you do you get site credit.  Know what your purchasing and what happens if you don't like it
3) Something that I like to do to reduce buyers remorse is put the item in my cart and then walk away from the computer/tablet.  If I'm still thinking about the item in an hour and it is still available I'm consider buying it.  Sometimes just the rush of finding a deal will leave you with remorse....but if you're really loving it, it'll stick in your head.

I know this has been a long blog and I really thank you if you read the whole thing (let me know in a comment!).  Hopefully you found something useful.

Looking forward to blogging while in Boston and then I'll be back my closet :)

OOTD 6/22 and 6/25

June 25, 2013

I was a super slacker this weekend....didn't prep any blogs and didn't pack for my big Boston trip....guess that's what the last minute is for!
I did have some training for Toastmasters on Saturday, I've just been voted the Vice President-Membership of our club (reminds me of my days back in college).  Here's what I wore:
Dress - Banana Republic (go figure) buy here (I used a 40% off coupon)
Shoes - Born (similar, similar)
Necklace - Bubbles care of Ily Couture (J's Everyday Fashion has discount codes all the time)
Obsessed with this dress and it's pockets.  It will get a lot of use this summer!!
Sunday I was in gym shorts and a one needs to see that, and Monday I worked from home in my sweats (again, no bueno)
Today's outfit is pretty plain, but shows another option for my J.Crew consignment find!

Top - J. Crew (found a Clothes Mentor)
Pants - Worthington
Shoes - Dr. Scholl's (see previous blog for options)

I'll hopefully have a packing blog up soon and I'll be blogging from my trip! 

See you soon, back here in my closet!

OOTD 6/21

June 21, 2013
I hope everyone has had an amazing Friday and your weekend is relaxing!  I'll be packing for Boston....I envision a blog post coming!

Here's today's outfit, basic pieces from I've had for a while

Top - Merona
Pants - Worthington
Sandals - Apricot Lane Peoria

Everyone stay cool this weekend and I'll see you here, back in my closet!

OOTD 6/20

June 20, 2013
I loved this dress when I saw the Zulily sale and couldn't pass it up.
I thought I'd give everyone a different background....

Dress - Sharagano (Zulily sale) $25 (similar, similar)
Belt - Coldwater Creek
Flats - Just Fab

See you later, back in my closet!

Adventures in Consignment Shopping #1

One of the ways I try to get a deal is by consignment shopping.  That's where you can take your gently used current styles and get paid for it, and you can shop from the supply the store has gotten from other people.  Style Network has a current show 'Resale Royalty' set in St. Louis (hometown, baby!) and it has renewed my love of resale.

I had a few bags of clothes to take to the local store (I try to have a one in, one out policy in my closet) and as they were looking through my things, I found a few new items.  Ladies of Peoria, I highly recommend Clothes Mentor in Westlake!  Let's take a look.

This J. Crew Factory top still had a tag on it for $54, I got it for $10
This high waisted striped pencil skirt was calling my name, and at $6 I just couldn't say no.
Now, one of the things I've started doing which launched this blogs was styling I couldn't just buy something without letting you know how I would wear it....(excuse the horrible lighting and amateur photography)

 J. Crew gets paired with my Target khaki pencil and a wide waist belt.  I'd probably stick a delicate necklace since the neckline has so much going on.   

I am super excited to wear this outfit on the weekend or in Boston.  Pencil skirts paired with basic white t-shirts might be my new favorite combination.  I have wedges that match the necklace, but I might stick with something neutral.
I'll leave you with my favorite find at the store, but didn't buy.  This Kate Spade purse probably retailed for around $300-400 and it only $90!!! My willpower was strong today!
Thanks everyone and I'll see you back in my closet!

OOTD 6/19

June 19, 2013
I don't know about you, but I was dragging this morning.  Having an outfit pre-selected is a lifesaver sometimes (allows me to sleep in longer)

Today's outfit:
Top - Banana Republic purchased from Wannabe's Resale shop
Pants - Banana Republic on clearance (similar, similar)
Shoe's - Dr. Scholl's from Famous Footwear (similar)

I was considering throwing a scarf that's navy and green on with this...but was too lazy.  Is it Friday yet?

Hopefully your day is going better than mine.....see you back in my closet!

OOTD 6/18

June 18, 2013

Outfit today:
Top- MNG by Mango from JCPenney
Pants - Merona
Shoes - Tory Burch (outlet)

I've loved this top since I laid my eyes on it at Penney's. It's bring and springy and the tie on the side it flattering even on those 'fat days'. 

Hope everyone has a great day and I'll see you back in my closet!

My 'Process'

June 17, 2013
I have a feeling this blog is going to cover many topics and I'm going to go on a few tangents now and again.....but let's start with the method behind my outfit madness

TADA!!!  My actual closet!  Our master is in the converted attic, so our closet is a convert dormer...aka limited space

I have things hanging by length: dresses, blazers, pants, tops (sleeveless-long sleeve)

I hang all the belts with loops, but I need a better way to see them all (suggestions welcome!)

I have some limited shelf space, so normally folded items go here: jeans, sweaters, shorts, basic tops
Something that I started doing about a year ago is every time I wear something and wash/hang it back up, I turn the hanger the opposite way all the rest are.  This tells me I've worn it recently and I'll normally look for something else.  It helps me get the most out of the clothes I've worn.

These tops are only my spring/summer stash....I'm a big believer in rotating seasons to save space

Every woman should have a little stool in/near their closet so they can put on their shoes....

This one just happens to house all my flip flops!! On clearance now from Target in stores

I also picked up this woven basket from Target to hold my non-looped belts and my foot relief items
So...I normally pick my outfits 1)based on weather 2)if I want to wear a dress or pants/skirt and 3)what color pop I want.  I almost always pick my outfits the night before, which is a luxury I know not all people have (spare time).  Once your closet is more organized you'll know what's in it and picking outfits will be easier. 
Here's a sneak peek of tomorrows! 

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back in my closet!

Welcome to my closet!

Over the past few weeks I've been posting a lot of outfit photos and updating my wardrobe for spring (and my new skirt friendly job). So I thought, why not try giving blogging another chance. Hopefully I'll give you inspiration to find your own unique style and maybe a tip or two on how to get a deal. 

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