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Bump fashion!

December 31, 2013

Over the holidays my bump has gotten much more visible and I've been having fun dressing it!  I've been loving leggings, tunics and long sweaters for this mild winter we're having in St. Louis.

More pics to come!

Exciting happenings!!

December 13, 2013
I've been a total fail at blogging lately.  However, I have been taking photos related to this blog....just never getting to put them up.

Biggest news is that my husband and I are expecting our first baby in May!  We've (and I mean he has) been busy painting the nursery and getting those things ready!  I've also forged my way into maternity fashion and will try to use this blog as a sounding board for brands that I like and what I don't like.

Below are a few pics of my belly progress!!

I've been doing a mix of maternity and non-maternity clothes still.  I can't wait to get a little bigger so that some of the cute dresses I've bought will fill out nicely!

Look forward to my summer - winter closet transition post and more maternity fashion.  And I'll see you later, back here in my closet!!

OOTD dump

August 19, 2013
So....I've been super slacking lately with posting outfits and blogging.  Life has just taken over and doesn't look like it's going to stop. Here are some photos I've been taking of my recent outfits.

To Moto or Not to Moto

July 28, 2013
I was at Target today and I was perusing the shoes when I came across these beauties

I know Moto boots have been popular for a while but I never got into them. I don't know why these peaked my interest, but I didn't impulse buy. Maybe on the next paycheck. Here's a few inspirational styling photos.  I like that they can go grunge and classic at the same time. 

I challenge you to go out of your style comfort zone and try something new!

Hope you have an amazing week and I'll see you back in my closet!

OOTD 7/15-17

July 17, 2013
I've just been so busy prepping for our upcoming work weekend I've had no time to blog!  Here's what I've worn this week to work. I've been feeling really blah in my work clothes recently. I need to get to the gym and work off a few stress pounds :(

The heat is suppose to break this weekend just in time for my favorite local band to play down on the riverfront. Hope you're all doing well and I'll see you here, back in my closet :)

Manly Mondays - 3-piece suit

July 15, 2013
Maybe I'm biased, but I think that EVERY man looks good in a 3-piece suit.  There's just something about it.....the tailoring is key, though. 

Not every man can pull off pinstripes on pinstripes, so if you're very fashionable (or gay) you can pull of Matt Bomer's look.  Otherwise, still with a classic heather grey, black or navy (ala James Bond - minus the machine gun).

They ever make kids look amazingly handsome!  I recommend that every woman purchase their man a vest for their current suit, or if you're at Men's Warehouse or Macy's looking at new suits, pick up the's a good investment!

OOTD 7/12

July 12, 2013

It's dress up Friday!  I started wearing dresses in Friday to really counter the normal 'Casual Friday'. Today's dress is a steal from Sears!  I got it 50% off so I paid $35. I paired it with a necklace from Target and my Ann Marino Lido pump in black from DSW. 

OOTD 7/11

July 11, 2013
Happy 7/11!  Hope all if you who have a 7-11 in town got your free Slurpee!  Here's today's outfit. I got this lightweight sweater from the blowout closing sale at a local boutique Azura. 

OOTD 7/10

July 10, 2013

Got to wear my new 'mini' bubble necklace from eBay today!  Also have one in green. 

Also rocking a new haircut, but it's hard to see in the pic. Maybe get a better shot tomorrow. 

OOTD 7/9

July 9, 2013
Today's outfit looks much better in person than it does in the below picture, but oh well!  I love this tank top, but it's not very appropriate for work (racerback) so I threw on this lightweight linen blazer I got at Wannabe's consignment shop a while back.  It's one part blazer, two parts lab coat.  Paired with my trusty navy Liz Claiborne pants and gold Just Fab flats and I've got an outfit!  I ended up throwing on a long pendant with it (which I just got from HauteLook)
Top - Banana Republic (similar, similar)
Blazer - Wannabe's Consignment (white similar, hot pink similar)
Pants - Liz Claiborne JCPenney (buy here)
Flats - Just Fab
Pendant (below) HauteLook
If you're ready and you'd like me to discuss any particular topic, feel free to comment!  I've got some ideas coming up!  See you all later, back in my closet!

Manly Mondays

July 8, 2013
I understand that it's not just women that enjoy fashion, but men as well.  Men's fashion trends can make anyone scratch their heads.....who wants to look like either of these men??

I'm going to attempt to hit on the topic of mens fashion in a weekly format called "Manly Mondays".  It'll mostly be pictures from designers I like to dress my husband in, but it may expands (possible the do's and don'ts of man bags??)

So, needless to say my first feature in Manly Mondays is not only a store I'm obsessed with myself, but I'm obsessed with to shop for men.......Banana Republic.

Who isn't obsessed with a man who dresses in classic shapes and colors?  It's timeless and makes you feel like a college freshman getting hit on at your first fraternity party (he's probably a Pike). 

But that's all for my first short Manly Monday. My outfit was boring today, so hopefully I'm more inspired tomorrow. 

Hope everyone has a great week and I'll see you back in my closet!

Vacation Catch Up

July 3, 2013
Vacation is midway done and there had just been no time to blog!  Here are a few photos from the end of convention and the start of my vacation with Rob. 

Probably won't get another blog in until we are waiting to leave at Boston-Logan. Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!

No time to breathe let alone blog

June 28, 2013
Here's the outfit I wore yesterday to the official convention

Dress -Milly for Banana Republic (currently in stores)
Cardigan - Merona for Target

Here's what I wore today, had to be in whites for business meetings for the sorority

Also repping my chapter!

Hopefully I'll get to blog again soon!

Online shopping sites and OOTD 6/26

June 26, 2013
Today's outfit brings me to a area I shopping.  What isn't there to love about sitting at home, comfy in your sweats and buying to your hearts delight?  Oh, are you talking about buyer's remorse? Clothing not fitting right?  I've learned a few tricks to help ease those concerns over the years....

Let's start with today's outfit:

Dress - Everly Grey (purchase from Gilt)

Yes....this dress is a maternity dress, but the print was too great to pass up and it was only $22 (retail $72).  So I felt I could wear it even though I'm not pregnant (repeat, NOT).  Plus I'm building my maternity stash :)

Gilt is probably the online discount site I shop from the most.  It has a wide array of high and low designers and it ranges from women's wear, men's wear, home goods (including books, furniture, rugs) and kids/baby/maternity wear.  They also have Gilt City which is like a Groupon section.

Here are a few things I've purchased from Gilt

I've found two restaurants to try while we are in Boston through Gilt City.

Next site that I like to shop from is HauteLook (recently purchased by Nordstrom).  It's similar to Gilt, both high and low end.  I like the selection at Gilt better, but I've made some good finds in the blowout sale events on this site.  HauteLook will also have cosmetics sales that can yield good finds as well.

Here are two things I just purchased last night on HauteLook

The final site I visit often is Zulily.  It's very family focused and is mostly women's and kid's clothing with random other sales.  It's probably the worst site when it comes to shipping and getting your order to you in a appropriate amount of time.  Here are a few items I've purchased (I'm pretty sure I got the scarf for $10 and the dress for $25).

Things to watch for when shopping these online sites:
1) Know your measurements!  These sites get product from all different designers, so sizing is very different from design to design.  Know your bust/waist/hip measurements and use the available size chart.
2) Know the return policy.  LOTS of these sites have a 'final sale' notice where you can't return, or if you do you get site credit.  Know what your purchasing and what happens if you don't like it
3) Something that I like to do to reduce buyers remorse is put the item in my cart and then walk away from the computer/tablet.  If I'm still thinking about the item in an hour and it is still available I'm consider buying it.  Sometimes just the rush of finding a deal will leave you with remorse....but if you're really loving it, it'll stick in your head.

I know this has been a long blog and I really thank you if you read the whole thing (let me know in a comment!).  Hopefully you found something useful.

Looking forward to blogging while in Boston and then I'll be back my closet :)

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