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Online shopping sites and OOTD 6/26

June 26, 2013
Today's outfit brings me to a area I shopping.  What isn't there to love about sitting at home, comfy in your sweats and buying to your hearts delight?  Oh, are you talking about buyer's remorse? Clothing not fitting right?  I've learned a few tricks to help ease those concerns over the years....

Let's start with today's outfit:

Dress - Everly Grey (purchase from Gilt)

Yes....this dress is a maternity dress, but the print was too great to pass up and it was only $22 (retail $72).  So I felt I could wear it even though I'm not pregnant (repeat, NOT).  Plus I'm building my maternity stash :)

Gilt is probably the online discount site I shop from the most.  It has a wide array of high and low designers and it ranges from women's wear, men's wear, home goods (including books, furniture, rugs) and kids/baby/maternity wear.  They also have Gilt City which is like a Groupon section.

Here are a few things I've purchased from Gilt

I've found two restaurants to try while we are in Boston through Gilt City.

Next site that I like to shop from is HauteLook (recently purchased by Nordstrom).  It's similar to Gilt, both high and low end.  I like the selection at Gilt better, but I've made some good finds in the blowout sale events on this site.  HauteLook will also have cosmetics sales that can yield good finds as well.

Here are two things I just purchased last night on HauteLook

The final site I visit often is Zulily.  It's very family focused and is mostly women's and kid's clothing with random other sales.  It's probably the worst site when it comes to shipping and getting your order to you in a appropriate amount of time.  Here are a few items I've purchased (I'm pretty sure I got the scarf for $10 and the dress for $25).

Things to watch for when shopping these online sites:
1) Know your measurements!  These sites get product from all different designers, so sizing is very different from design to design.  Know your bust/waist/hip measurements and use the available size chart.
2) Know the return policy.  LOTS of these sites have a 'final sale' notice where you can't return, or if you do you get site credit.  Know what your purchasing and what happens if you don't like it
3) Something that I like to do to reduce buyers remorse is put the item in my cart and then walk away from the computer/tablet.  If I'm still thinking about the item in an hour and it is still available I'm consider buying it.  Sometimes just the rush of finding a deal will leave you with remorse....but if you're really loving it, it'll stick in your head.

I know this has been a long blog and I really thank you if you read the whole thing (let me know in a comment!).  Hopefully you found something useful.

Looking forward to blogging while in Boston and then I'll be back my closet :)
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