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June 17, 2013
I have a feeling this blog is going to cover many topics and I'm going to go on a few tangents now and again.....but let's start with the method behind my outfit madness

TADA!!!  My actual closet!  Our master is in the converted attic, so our closet is a convert dormer...aka limited space

I have things hanging by length: dresses, blazers, pants, tops (sleeveless-long sleeve)

I hang all the belts with loops, but I need a better way to see them all (suggestions welcome!)

I have some limited shelf space, so normally folded items go here: jeans, sweaters, shorts, basic tops
Something that I started doing about a year ago is every time I wear something and wash/hang it back up, I turn the hanger the opposite way all the rest are.  This tells me I've worn it recently and I'll normally look for something else.  It helps me get the most out of the clothes I've worn.

These tops are only my spring/summer stash....I'm a big believer in rotating seasons to save space

Every woman should have a little stool in/near their closet so they can put on their shoes....

This one just happens to house all my flip flops!! On clearance now from Target in stores

I also picked up this woven basket from Target to hold my non-looped belts and my foot relief items
So...I normally pick my outfits 1)based on weather 2)if I want to wear a dress or pants/skirt and 3)what color pop I want.  I almost always pick my outfits the night before, which is a luxury I know not all people have (spare time).  Once your closet is more organized you'll know what's in it and picking outfits will be easier. 
Here's a sneak peek of tomorrows! 

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you back in my closet!
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