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Sports Bra Review #2

September 19, 2015
Part #2 of my series on Sports Bras (see the 1st blog here) is more my opinion on fit, comfort, price and style.  I wanted Jessica's perspective because we could not be more different body types.  Pre-pregnancy I was a 36DD, and since then I've nursed for a full year and lost more than 40 now I'm like a 34D.  So for me it's about keeping what I've got in place and not looking stylish.

One thing I will say, is that no matter your size, the individual molded cup seems to be the new trend for any shape/size.  It gets rid of uni-boob and provides more stability.

My review is going to be a bit different from the last, I'll break down the styles I have (range in prices) and what I like/dislike and what exercised I use them here we go.

Victoria's Secret Knockout & Incredible bra - I picked these up during the semi-annual sale, because I didn't want to pay $60 for a bra I might not love.  I love one and dislike the other.  Both bras have molded cups and comfortable straps.  The Knockout zips in the front and the Incredible is a pull over with a snap band in the back.  On days where I do heavy cardio (kickboxing) I reach for the Incredible first, I've found that over time the snap back allows me to correct for any 'give' the spandex has relaxed and still keep a tight band.  The Knockout is a perfectly find sports bra for days will less movement, weight lifting, walking, etc.  The band has relaxed and I've felt over time the support has I've reduced my natural band I should probably size down.

Overall - Knockout - meh, Incredible - worth it (when on sale)



C9 Champion High Support Sports bra - Jesi and I agree on this one!  It's the bra I reach for the most, and will probably buy again.  The style is similar to the Incredible, with a pull over and snap band back.  I use this for kickboxing as well as running and never feel like I'm bouncing.

Overall - FABULOUS!

FILA Sport Core Essentials High Impact Sports Bra - I was looking for another affordable sports bra options, so I started scouring the internet and all my go to sites.  I found this one at Kohls.....which, who has ever paid full price at one....ever.  I used a 30% promo code I found online and ordered two colors in XL....when they came, they were a little large.  So I took them back to my local store for Larges, and they work awesome!  Sizing down give you a snug fit around the band which is what you need, and will allow for eventual give since there are no adjustable straps.  I have two colors, and I love that they have a wide range.  I pull for these on both cardio and weight training days, if my C9 isn't available.

Overall - Great for the money, but not my go to.

Those really cover my most worn sports bras....I have some from Old Navy that I use for weight training only days, and some really old ones I need to rotate out.  I've heard that sports bras shouldn't see a birthday...meaning you shouldn't have them for over a year.  While that's great in theory, if you've got a large bust and shelled out nearly $50 per bra for a set of 3-5, you don't really want to do that every year.  I recommend just keeping tabs on the band fit as it wears over time...and DON'T throw them in the dryer....AIR DRY!!!!

I've got a great fall fashion inspired posts coming, get excited!  Thanks for your continued support in reading, and I'll see you back here, in my closet!

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