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Throwback Thursday!

May 8, 2014
I've tried a few 'segment' styles on this blog, so with poor results (Manly Mondays might just start being pictures of what I dress Jonanthan in during the week!).  But I think I've found something that I can do pretty easy and it'll be fun to walk down memory lane....

This all came about because a guy at work walked past me and his cologne took me back to the 7th grade and a guy I was crushing on at the time....hence 'Throwback Thursday' is happening on the blog.  Everything Thursday I'll feature a beauty produce or style trend that I myself use to rock (picture of me in said trend may or may not be included)

In commemoration of #tbt on the blog coming from a cologne, I'm going to take you back to when you just had to have a bottle of.....Tommy Girl.

 Apparently the bottle hasn't changed at all in the last 15 years, and heading over to Macy's for a quick fragrance sample takes me back to nights spent roaming the mall with friends and weird backless crop tops that you can only wear when you're 13 because you don't have boobs yet.

I also remember having to BEG my parents to buy it because it was 'so expensive' compared to other crappy perfumes (aka those small colorful bottles they'd sell at Marshall's claiming to smell just like the designer version).  And now I spend nearly twice as much as Tommy Girl costs on my Chanel signature scent.

Hope that's you've had a fun bit of travel down memory lane with me, what was your 'signature scent' as a teen?

Product Review: Julep 'Party's Over' Remover

May 5, 2014
As you may have seen from my previous polish entry, I enjoy trying new products and colors.  One thing I've been loving the past year is an accent nail.  Normally I will do another color or a coordinating glitter to accent.  I did this last week from a Pinterest inspiration photo and I liked the way it turned out...Essie 'Fiji' with a sliver base/silver glitter on my ring was also a large coffee kind of morning :)

Now the WORST thing about glitter is the removal normally takes 2 cotton pads to remove nail polish...but with glitter I feel like it takes about 18, and then you have glitter specs all over your hands.

Julep has heard your complaints!  About two months ago I was offered an extra with my monthly Maven subscription, and while I skipped the polishes, I couldn't pass up this new product....Party's Over.

This product is suppose to make is easier to remove glitter polish.  Essentially it's little pre-soaked pads and fingertip caps to hold them in place.  You put them on, watch about 5 minutes of your favorite HGTV show and then 'TADA' the glitter is gone with one sweep of the pad!

It worked pretty well on me (see before and after below).  I put the pad on before I removed the regular pink polish, and by the time I was done with all my other fingers, the glitter was about 95% off and the rest came off easily using the same pad.  I would recommend always waiting about 60 extra seconds than you think you'll need just to make sure everything has loosened.



The only real con I found was that the pre-soaked pads come in packs of 10 and I only needed 2 since it was an accent nail.  I just clipped the remaining 8 closed with a binder clip, hopefully that will keep them moist...I'll report back on that.  Otherwise, the general idea of this product is pretty simply and you can probably duplicate it with a cheap DIY option instead of paying the $20 I did.  But it does come with 50 individual pads, so it should last me quite a while.

If you interested in another glitter removal option, OPI has a new product, which I have not yet tried, called 'Glitter Off'.  It is essentially a base coat you apply under your glitter polish that helps peel it off.  The PolishAholic has reviewed it here.

What other methods do you use to get off pesky glitter from your nails?  I'm excited to break out the summer colors, so look forward to another polish favorite for the spring/summer season!

Have a lovely Monday, and I'll see you back here in my closet!!

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