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Oscar 2016 Best & Worst

February 28, 2016
As I sit watching the show, I figured I'd get my thoughts down on best dressed and a few people I thought missed the mark. 

Charlize Theron - Dior
Loved her in red. I have a huge girl crush on Charlize, she can really do no wrong in my book. She has a tall, elegant build that can pull this deep plunge off. 

Saoirse Ronan - Calvin Klein
I've had my eye on Saoirse since she starred in Atonement....I'm happy to see her building momentum into leading roles.  This emerald hue and simple classic cut is everything I love about Calvin Klein. Minimal jewelry really lets the dress shine.

Margot Robbie - Tom Ford
It doesn't look like much in this photo, but I loved how it looked on stage while presenting. She was basically a walking Oscar statue.  I could live without the bag, but a girl has to carry her lip stick and money for Girl Scout cookies ;)

Jared Leto
Her presenting partner was no slouch either.  Jared always brings the rocker glam to the red carpet.  I love he also wore velvet slippers #redcarpetgoals

Cate Blanchett - Armani Privé
Normally I wouldn't have given this dress another look, but it gets an honorable mention because when she presented for Best Makeup it made her look even more amazing.  The architectural aspects really made a statement on screen.

My misses

Heidi Klum - Marchesa
I just can't handle everything that is going on here: chiffon, one shoulder and one sleeve, mid-riff showing, TWO flowers.  It's all too much and the color really isn't doing anything for her.

Daisy Ridley - Chanel Haute Couture
Maybe I don't understand high fashion, but I can't stand this hem....everything else about it is classic Chanel.  I heard on the pre-show that she is a real 'fashion girl' so this choice makes sense for her, but it's more Sunday charity luncheon than first Oscar red carpet.

Hope everyone is enjoying or did enjoy the show!  Chris Rock is doing a great job and I can't wait to see Leo win big!!!!

See you later, back here in my closet!

This Week in Outfits

February 27, 2016
I figured I'd start a little weekly roundup of what I wore to work (I can also throw in workouts if you'd like to see those) and where you might be able to pick some of these pieces up (or similar).  I have REALLY reduced my closet (hopefully a mini tour soon) so you'll probably see a lot on repeat/remix!


I threw this Banana Republic shirt with some New York and Company trousers.  I will note that I should be wearing some kind of heel with this due to the pant length and where it breaks....but I was lazy and just put on some basic black loafer flats.  Tip from this outfit is that the shirt is one of those high-low hems and really blousy, so I kind of wraps the excess in the back and made a faux tuck so it was a little more fitted!  Jewels by Stella (obviously)

Top - similar, similar
Pants - exact, similar, curvy fit
Shoes - exact, similar, similar

I picked up this pencil skirt at Clothes Mentor when I was bringing in my huge winter purge...I hadn't yet worn it, but it's got a fun back detail (will have to remember to get a picture of that next time).  I paired it with a black cross back tank and a coral cardigan for the office (it's back is also really cool).  Most of these pieces are cosigned or old, so I'll link some similar styles!  My shoes are an old purchase from DSW and necklace is Stella.

Tank - similar, similar
Skirt - similar, similar
Cardigan - similarsimilar
Shoes - similar, similar

By Wednesday sometimes comfort is calling me, so I wanted to wear my joggers and a t-shirt, but that won't fly alone in the office.  But throw a blazer on it and some chic flats and you're more business casual (which is allowed in my office). Necklace link here, bracelets here and here

Blazer - similar, similar
T-shirt - exact (I recommend these in all neutral colors)
Joggers - exact, similar
Flats - similar, similar

I had a burst of stylish inspiration on Thursday and wanted to wear my navy 'skinny' trousers....they'd be a little risque for the office, but the shirt I bought with them (at Target) is longer in the back so it makes everything a little more decent.

Blouse - similar
Pants - similar, similar
Pumps - exact (again, recommend these above anything...have in black and brown)

Some weeks Friday rolls around and I feel like making it special and others I feel like just being comfy to get through the day....can you guess which type of Friday this week was???  Necklace here

Top - similarsimilar
Vest - similar, similar
Pants - exact, similar
Flats - exact, similar

I hope you like this week in review, I'll try to start posting these on Saturdays!

Have a great evening, and follow me tomorrow on social media (mainly snapchat: laura.jones2585) for Oscar commentary.  I'll have a Best/Worst list out on Monday!!

Trend Alert: Bodysuits

February 25, 2016
I'm gonna be honest here....I've been curious about bodysuits ever since I saw them as a teen in the Victoria's Secret catalog.  How would that feel?  How do you pee?  Why would someone want to wear something that makes you look tucked in (which was a HUGE faux pas in the late 90's/early 00's)?

But as I've matured in my sense of fashion, the trend of bodysuits kind of fell I never got to try them.  Sure, Kim K wears a bunch, but those never translated to me.

But, low and behold, the trend is back.  I'm excited to try to find one that works in my (attempted) minimalist wardrobe...because I'm not investing a lot of $$ in this trend.  Some fashion is meant to be just fun.

Here are a few inspo pics that have been making me want to try this trend:

I think what's drawing me to this trend is that I'm now basically a full fledged shirt tucker...and I'm not ashamed.  The idea that this keeps your top permanently tucked into your skirt or pants makes me giddy with joy!

Doing some research, American Eagle, H&M, ASOS, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel all have basic bodysuits and some that are a little more risque (not my taste).  Here are one's that have grabbed my eye.
1: H&M  2: ASOS  3: H&M  4:American Eagle  5:ASOS

I have a nice bonus coming in a week, so I might 'splurge' on one of these (pretty cheap in my book for the versatility they give) keep at eye on my Instagram!

As always, thanks for reading and I'd love to hear your thoughts on this me up on my Facebook page or comment below!  I'll see you next time, back here in my closet!

My Own Oscar Night

February 24, 2016
If you know be personally, you know that 'Awards Season' is my thing.  I love seeing who wins, who wear's what, and discussing who got dissed.

I thought I'd go onto Rent the Runway and do a little fun 'what would I wear' segment to hopefully get you pumped up for Sunday night (and a Leo win!!).

I did some filtering and only looks at gowns that ACTUALLY came in my size (12, if you must know).  Here's what drew me in:

Since I've been working really hard on my upper body and back, I loved this first choice.  It's quite simple in the front, a higher neckline with no sleeves, but the back is where the action is at.  I imagine a sparkly Judith Lieber purse and some fabulous statement chandelier earrings would make this a wow!  Now, to work on my reverse over the shoulder pose......

Again, for this second look I was drawn to the back, but also the deep navy color.  The front plunge is risque without being vulgar.  I've come to terms with the fact that I am conservative when it comes to my dressing, looking sexy doesn't necessarily mean showing skin.  I imagine this with a delicate diamond bracelet and either earrings or a strand of diamonds that hit the collar bones.

The third pick is definitely the most modest pick, but the lace overlay on the top is trendy currently.  I'm on the fence if I'd put a thin belt to contrast the top portion and the skirt.  Similarly to the above selection I would only put a bracelet, maybe a chunkier one, and some delicate earrings, if any.  This would be my last pick since I think I'd get really washed out since I'm so fair and the dress is a LOT of white.
I was looking for a colorful dress for the last selection and I think this was on the last's a definite stretch for me, but again I've been feeling my back recently.  This color will POP again my skin and the minimal detailing allows for a great statement necklace!

I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but I've got a lot of ideas and I really want to update the format and make it more my style!

Thanks for being a reader, whether you're new or a loyal follower!  And I'll see you later, back here in my closet!!

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