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Adventures in Consignment Shopping #1

June 20, 2013
One of the ways I try to get a deal is by consignment shopping.  That's where you can take your gently used current styles and get paid for it, and you can shop from the supply the store has gotten from other people.  Style Network has a current show 'Resale Royalty' set in St. Louis (hometown, baby!) and it has renewed my love of resale.

I had a few bags of clothes to take to the local store (I try to have a one in, one out policy in my closet) and as they were looking through my things, I found a few new items.  Ladies of Peoria, I highly recommend Clothes Mentor in Westlake!  Let's take a look.

This J. Crew Factory top still had a tag on it for $54, I got it for $10
This high waisted striped pencil skirt was calling my name, and at $6 I just couldn't say no.
Now, one of the things I've started doing which launched this blogs was styling I couldn't just buy something without letting you know how I would wear it....(excuse the horrible lighting and amateur photography)

 J. Crew gets paired with my Target khaki pencil and a wide waist belt.  I'd probably stick a delicate necklace since the neckline has so much going on.   

I am super excited to wear this outfit on the weekend or in Boston.  Pencil skirts paired with basic white t-shirts might be my new favorite combination.  I have wedges that match the necklace, but I might stick with something neutral.
I'll leave you with my favorite find at the store, but didn't buy.  This Kate Spade purse probably retailed for around $300-400 and it only $90!!! My willpower was strong today!
Thanks everyone and I'll see you back in my closet!

2 comments on "Adventures in Consignment Shopping #1"
  1. Love that striped pencil skirt. It looks great on you too! Very cute!

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