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Finding the 'A-ha' Moment

March 30, 2016
This past weekend I had the pleasure of helping a college friend talk through her wardrobe and work through what concerns she has.  It was a step in the direction I'd love to take, helping women feel confident that they can reach into their closet and put something together that makes them feel good.

When I asked her what was her biggest concern, it was 'not feeling finished'.  And I get that.  Her workplace is very casual, so we didn't have much to discuss there, so she uses the weekends to feel more put together and like an adult.

I talked to her about finding that 'weekend uniform' which works for her.  Mine is a pair of shorts (printed, colored or denim) and a tunic style pop-over top.  When it gets warm outside I pretty much wear this combination both Saturday and Sunday.  But to feel 'finished' I work with jewelry, a cute scarf or pair of fun sandals.  Finishing is all about the extras....but not necessarily about having a lot to choose from.

Here are two weekend looks I put together using the same denim button down top.  Adding a dark layer over helps make the pieces more a 'look' and help create a slimming illusion by creating some vertical stripes on top.

This was really an 'a-ha' moment for my friend...she had never even thought to wear her button up shirts unbuttoned!  She even made the statement that is even doubled her wardrobe options!  You can do the same with neutral denim and a printed button up!

Before we left I wanted to challenge her to put together an outfit for her evening mass that she would be attending later that night.  She started by selecting the base pieces, then we starting talking about how to finish the look with jewelry and an extra layer.  Here's her finished look, and I think she looks amazing!

I had a great time just talking through what items she could slowly incorporate into her wardrobe to help increase her options (BLAZERS!!) and how important it is to do a ruthless wardrobe purge every once in a while!

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend, I'm still mentally recovering!  Keep interacting with me on Facebook, and if you're interested in a little wardrobe overhaul, contact me!  I'll see you all later, back here in my closet!

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