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March 5, 2016
Another week down, and another week's worth of outfits to talk about!  This week I found myself reaching for a lot of staple pieces because some days I just didn't give a hoot.  While I love fashion, some days the work week just wears you'll notice I tend to have a few staple pieces that I can get away with wearing a few times a week before they need a weekend washing.

So let's break it down:

Monday - After staying up WAAAAYYY too late watching the Oscars, dragging myself out of bed was difficult enough, let alone making any kind of fashion decision.  So I grabbed my black shirt dress.  This one I bought at my fave resale store in town (Clothes Mentor) and it's a silk blend, so it flows nicely.  The weather was in my favor to not need to wear tights, so I just wrapped a double wrap belt around it for definition and my nude heels.  Topped it off with a delicate Stella necklace and I was out the door.

Dress - similar, similar
Belt - similar, similar
Shoes - similar, similar

Tuesday - I had actually forgotten about this top, it as hiding behind the laundry room door!  It's a faux layered look I picked up from Talbot's on clearance!  After having a local alumnae event there, I'm newly obsessed, if I only had the money to shop there!  I picked up my black pants and heels from last week and threw on my new Raid layering necklace for a simple, but preppy vibe.

Pants and shoes see last week's post

Wednesday - An early morning meeting meant I had to be up extra early....and had little to no motivation.  I just slipped on the most basic of business casual, khakis and a button down.  I at least made an effort to put *some* jewelry on (this layered over this), but there wasn't much else.

Shirt - similar, similar
Pants - similar, similar
Flats seen in last week's post

I had a rush of motivation on Thursday!  I was up early to hit the gym and got my blood pumping, and it was just an overall great morning!  This gingham checked shirt I got from an old Stitch Fix was hiding with my layered Talbot's shirt, so it had been out of my normal rotation for a while.  Paired with my trusty black boot cuts and heels and you're good for the office!

Shirt - similar, similar
Pants and heels in last week's post

By the end of the week, I'd had a lot of work stress building up so I took a afternoon personal day to just relax and spend time with my son.  Kept it casual but still put together for the few hours I was in the office.  This sweater is also from a Stitch Fix, so I'll try to find good alternatives!

Sweater - similar, similar
Pants - exact, similar
Boots - exact, similar

I hope you guys had a better week than I did!  I'm looking at the positive, this should be a fun weekend.  Date night which will include a little something extra we're shooting for you to see on Monday!

See you later, back here in my closet!!
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