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March 16, 2016
Today's blog is going to be a little different, I don't have any planned content...I just wanted to chat.  Chat about goals.  I was asked by a girlfriend of mine 'What's your goal with the blog?'....and really, I didn't have any concrete plans.  That's weird for me as I'm really goal oriented and type A -- I work well towards a desired outcome.  I have work goals, home goals, fitness goals, so the fact that I didn't have a 10 step plan for this blog got me thinking.

Whenever you Google 'successful blogging' or something to that extent, there are always a few outlined 'rules' to line you up to be successful.  However, you don't always have to have a measure of success to define if you do something.  But there are some key things to blogging:

1) Are you passionate about your content?

Well, yeah -- but I'm passionate about a lot of things.  Fashion and beauty have always been what I'm 'known' for in my friend circle.  I have taken years to cultivate a style and have found what does and doesn't work on my body.  But that doesn't mean I'm not into exploring trends and opening my style.  That's what I hope to do here.  I want you to also start to get passionate about how you feel in clothing.  It can have a real effect on your day, mood and how you present yourself at work, to your kids, in your dating life.

2) Do you have something unique that other blogs don't provide?

This one is tricky.....there are a LOT of fashion blogs out there.  I read several daily.  Where I hope to be different is that you can be fashionable at any size, with any budget, without even having to buy new clothing.  I don't have a lot of disposable income to go buy a new bag every month, but I do enjoy using rental sites to allow me to spend a weekend in a fantasy.

One thing I also hope is that women will also welcome me into their own closets...I'd love to help!  I know so many women that work in a business casual work environment that feel in a rut or don't know how to really grow an 'adult' wardrobe.  My dream would be to be a personal stylist and help women feel confident in what they wear each and every day (a girl can dream).

3) Do you have an end goal?

Not really....I'm just here to see what comes out of my brain.  I love hearing feedback on what you'd like to see.  I have many facets to my 'fashion' life - fitness, work and casual - but I mainly focus on work since it's a majority of my wardrobe.  If this takes me places and allows me to make income, great -- if not, I'm not going to be put in the poor house.  I am very fortunate to have a (relatively) stable, well paying job that affords me the comforts to do something like this only for fun.

SO....that was pretty wordy.  I hope to spark your interest (or renew it) in feeling great in the clothes you wear.  But know that not every day is a fashion show for me....I'm rocking a t-shirt and college sweat pants as I write this -- and that's life.

Thanks for reading, and as always - I'll see you back here in my closet!
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