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Current Nightly Skincare Routine

March 8, 2016
Today I want to break up all the fashion posts and talk about skincare.  No amount of clothing will make you look/feel as young as great skin.  Now, half of it is genes, and there's no way to get around that....but other tips you learn from your mom, your best friend, your sorority sisters......

I've started to get into a nightly routine and have enjoyed the end results.  My skin has trudged through this winter without feeling overly tight and dry; it feels smooth and supple and well hydrated.  Yes, I still notice some blackheads, but I haven't been proactively trying to minimize them with a clay mask....will probably start that in about a month.

But here are the products that have been in regular rotation in my medicine cabinet for nightly use:

For me first step is either removing my makeup, or getting the grime off my face from the day.  If it's a full makeup day, I'll use Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser to gently remove all my makeup.  I will praise my girlfriend Krissa for turning me onto this, she swore by it and has great trust your friends ladies!!  If it's a no makeup day, I'll take a cleansing wipe (I just happen to have Neutrogena here, but I'm not really brand loyal) across my face to make sure I feel clean.  Then I'll do a quick cleanse with Cetaphil (I recommend a non-scrub based cleanse for the evening).

Steps 1 & 2 - Remove and Cleanse

Then I'll go into my 'preventative' products.  Once a week I'll do a face mask (that's a whole post in itself) and then I'll start layering on the serums.  I got a sample of the Meaningful Beauty set and only liked a handful of products, so I cancelled it.  I've still been using the Creme de Serum all over my face and the Ultra Lifting and Firming Treatment on areas that I want to prevent from sagging in the future -- please note, I'm aware at 31 I have no real skin aging problems.

Step 3 - Prevent

 Finally I'll slather on a night cream.  I've been using the Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti Wrinkle Firming Night Cream (that's a mouthful), but it's almost gone.  I picked up a two pack of the Olay Regenerating Night Recovery Cream from Costco, so that's going in my rotation next.  In the winter I really like how the Cold Cream and this thicker night cream have kept my skin moisturized.  Come summer time it might be too much, so I'll come back with any updated routines.

Step 4 - Moisturize

So that's my complete routine!  It's pretty quick (when I don't add a mask) and I don't use a lot of high end products.  I'm probably not going to buy the Meaningful Beauty serum again because it's $64 for a full bottle.  There are plenty of reasonably priced drugstore products to use!

Alternate serums to try: Olay, Olay, Boots No 7
Alternate eye creams: Olay, Roc, Boots No 7

Share with me the products you use in your night routine!  Just soap & water?  18 steps?  There is no wrong or right way if it's what works for you!

See you later, back here in my closet!

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