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Creating Versatility in Your Wardrobe

March 2, 2016
I enjoyed talking about making one piece more versatile in this post, but I never got momentum to do a series on versatility.  Now that I've started to live with a more capsule style wardrobe, I really only try to buy something if I can style it more than one way.

So today's post is about taking a pretty basic dress and making it work for weekend casual and date night (potentially office if your's allows it).

I started with this dress, from Athleta.  Mine is a few seasons old and the neckline is different, but the style is the same.  It's got a fitted skirt but looser top that you can adjust with how you want the middle seam to sit on your waist.

For the casual day look (which we went to see a movie) I paired the dress with a light denim jacket and lace up Ked knockoffs.  Paired with some more casual Stella & Dot pieces (Riad necklace, Gilded Path double wrap bracelet) and my Hudson tote I was able to carry all my 'mom' essentials and still look stylish.

Then, if I were to change this up for a dinner out or a dressy day event, I'd swap out the jacket, shoes and necklace.  Throw all your essential purse items in a clutch and you're ready to go.  I am really enjoying the new Drape Collar necklace for dressier occasions, I haven't gotten it to work with my casual looks yet.

I'll keep sorting through my closet for ideas on how to make staple pieces more versatile for you!  I'd love to see you how keep it fresh with your wardrobe, snapchat me(laura.jones2585), tag me on Instagram (Laura2585) or post on my Facebook page!

I'll see you this weekend with a review of my outfits!  Catch you later, back here in my closet!
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