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Week 1 Minimalist Work Wardrobe Challenge Roundup

August 6, 2017
 Here's a photo round up of my first week using only 10 pre-selected pieces from my wardrobe to wear to work.  I've already found some pitfalls and will continue to make these pieces work, but overall I like the fact that I'm not overwhelmed in the morning with too many options to pick from.

Tuesday - Lightweight sweater, black crop pants, heels
Wednesday - White t-shirt, midi skirt, heels
Thursday - White blouse, black crop pants, heels
Friday - Lightweight sweater, skinny jeans, white blazer, heels

I would recommend finding a pair of shoes that really works for you.  There are days I wish I was in flats, but overall these heels are comfy because they have a more blocky style heel (instead of a traditional pointy stiletto heel).  My current favorite option is the Friday look, it WILL be going into a regular rotation.

First thing I've learned is if you're not a fan of wearing the same item twice in a week, but multiples of it.  As you can see I wore the sweater twice this week, and more than likely one top will need to be worn twice each week.  If you're a particular germaphobe or can't get on board with wearing something twice before washing, then pick up two basic t-shirt (probably your least expensive option).

Second tip is to work with layering.  You'll see eventually that mostly this capsule is 7 looks, but then you can expand them  easily with layering the blazer or duster on almost any look.  Make sure you under layer pops out from the sleeves to add dimension and that casual 'styled but not trying' look.

I'll keep you in the loop next week, but always follow my IG page for daily looks, plus my makeup looks!
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