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2 Month Fitness/Lifestyle Update

August 2, 2017

It's been two months since I last talked about my efforts to get myself back into a healthy lifestyle and integrate a fitness regime into my daily life.  Just wanted to touch base for those of you that needed some motivation and a real life look at the struggles of a mom.

Here's where I started:

Weight - 206.6 lbs
Body Fat % - 33.9%

Arms - 12.5 in
Bust - 42.2 in
Waist - 34 in
Hips - 46 in
Thigh - 24 in

Here's where I am now:

Weight - 204 lbs
Body Fat % - 32.6%

Arms - 13 in (0.5 in increase)
Bust - 40 in (2.2 in decrease)
Waist - 33.25 in (0.75 in decrease)
Hips - 45.25 in (0.75 in decrease)
Thigh - 24 in (no change)

I took my normal progress photo, but as you can see - not a lot has changed.  I've been struggling to get up and hit the gym at 5 am because Elizabeth has a crazy sleep schedule still and sometimes Jonathan gets up at 5 am also!  I know I should then be hitting them gym after work, but since my husband stays at home full time, I feel selfish and that I should be going home to relieve him from that giant duty.

2 month progress

However, I think I see the light in the horizon.  I have started a Strong Lifts program that only is 3 days a week, something that is completely manageable for my current schedule.  It will also help me reach my squat, bench and pull up goals I lined out in my past post.  I also plan on fitting in one cardio session a week to gauge my 5k time.

Nutrition has been a big downfall for me as well.  I'm a very emotional eater, and when I've had a long day at work and it's been particularly difficult with the kids, I turn to chocolate, sugar and snacks.  I've never been about restriction with my food, working out has allowed me to eat in moderation whatever I wanted.  However, without consistent exercising these occasional breaks in proper nutrition add up (on the scale).

I'm hoping to turn a corner this month, better meal prepping, better workout management.  I've turned to a small community on social media for motivation and my BF and I will Snapchat each other workout selfies to keep us accountable since we can't physically work out together.
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