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The Road Back

June 1, 2017
So, it's been nearly 8 months since I've last written -- some things have happened.

We had our baby girl in April, and I've been focusing on spending quality time with her and Jonathan while I've been on leave.  But there are things that are not far from my mind.

This post will be a little different, focusing on my plan to get back onto my pre-pregnancy health and fitness lifestyle.  I believe that it doesn't divert too far from my regular content, because for me, I feel best in my clothes when I'm also healthy and they fit well (duh!)

So -- posts will be coming back.  I'm hoping to use some of the free time from work to get some content photographed and come up with a regular schedule of posting.  While also keeping those interested informed on my progress back to my pre-pregnancy size.

Please note that I said size, nothing about weight -- I truly believe weight doesn't matter as long as you're happy with your shape.

So here we go - bout to get personal

Let's take you back to January 2016.  I was in good shape, but we had found out we were pregnant and I had ramped down workouts and become more lenient with nutrition.  Then, at our 12 week appointment there was no heartbeat -- we had lost the baby.  It was heartbreaking, but our family worked through it.  I vowed to allow my body to prepare to get pregnant again, but I was going to ramp up with workouts to take my mind off it.

Over the course of the next 5 months, I got into the best shape of my life.  I had reached my goal weight (and it matched my drivers license!) and I felt confident in almost anything I wore, especially swimwear.
 July 2016 - me not afraid to rock a cropped shirt

I loved going to the pool since I wasn't afraid of what my body looked like

Then in July, we found out we were pregnant again - and I came to a crossroads.  I decided to stop working out - out of fear that exercise could cause another miscarriage.  And with that, nutrition started to take a back seat as well.

Fast forward to now.  As of June 1, 2017 I'm ramping myself up to take the road back.  I've taken my measurements, weight and starting progress pictures and putting it out there so that friends and family can keep me accountable.

Here's where I'm starting:

Weight - 206.6 lbs
Body Fat % - 33.9%

Arms - 12.5 in
Bust - 42.2 in
Waist - 34 in
Hips - 46 in
Thigh - 24 in

As for what I hope to achieve -- by the end of this year, here are my goals

1 - Perform at least one unassisted pull up
2 - Squat my body weight (at that time)
3 - Bench 135 lbs
4 - Run one sub 30 minute 5k

Please note I have no body weight or measurement goals, but I believe shooting for the above goals will reap the same benefits.

I plan to documenting meal plans, workouts, weekly reflections in a planner to make sure I'm not back sliding and that I have great documentation to pull from past weeks that worked when I'm feeling unmotivated.

I'll check in once a month with progress measurements and photos as well as what I've been doing to reach my goals.
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