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October 17, 2016
Hey there!  It's been a hot minute since I've found the time to blog, and boy is there a lot of catch up on...

While I hope to get to all those things in the next few posts, I want to focus on a great opportunity I had with a local business.  You may have found yourself at this blog from seeing the Good Company spot I did with Clothes Mentor -- and if so WELCOME!  I hope you click around and see what my blog is about and maybe become a reader!

We've been a one income household for over a year, and with that I have become much more frugal with my wardrobe budget.  I have been more actively shopping on resell Facebook pages and consignment stores and have really found a place I love in Clothes Mentor, not just in Peoria but where ever I travel and they have a store.

When I started working with Lynn on what kind of content I'd like to bring to their Good Company stop, it's always been my point of view that good style doesn't take a lot of pieces or a big budget.  So I wanted to present the idea of a 'capsule' wardrobe or staple pieces.  This isn't a new concept, it's been around forever - but is gaining new traction as my generation is becoming more concerned with paying off large amounts of debt instead of building it.

We started the evening as they would with any personal styling session -- which they do offer and I highly recommend if you're a bit afraid of fashion.  The employees will understand your lifestyle and your body shape/size and you'll both start just looking through the racks.  Lynn and I had a focus - items you could wear to the office and could be mixed and matched.

Below are a few highlights from our experience.  The staff at Clothes Mentor Peoria are great, and I highly recommend calling and asking about a styling session!

First it is lots of browsing the racks - everything is well organized by size and then by color.  I tend to stay with colors I like (cool tones) and away from patterns, just for my own personal style!

Then there is a LOT of trying on.  The fitting room can be a woman's worst enemy!  Having someone else there that is a third party opinion can help you get out of your own head.

Here are the final looks we put together for the show, and you can watch our spot here!

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