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Stitch Fix #3

July 3, 2015
Little blogging gets done when you're trying to move.  Hopefully once I feel settled, I'll get back into a more regular content update, I've got a few posts filling up my potential list :)

But, onto a happy day!  I got my latest Stitch Fix on Saturday, and.....I had mixed feelings.  With the move I've started this new found purge of all things unnecessary, which makes it hard to justify buying MORE things to wear...more on that as I talk about what was in this month's box.

I got 3 tops, a skirt, and because I requested more accessories, a purse.  With the hectic nature of a move and now having a toddler to look after, I didn't get to do as much styling on the items as I wanted.  Let's break it down:

This blue and white striped top had a really fun back detail, which I would have been all over if the whole thing had a little more structure.  I've come to know I like things to accentuate my curves, but not be overly risque.

Next, I got another skirt since my stylist liked how much I played up the last one.  But that's the problem, I'm not the person that needs multiple printed skirts in the same color palette.  Although, this skirt is a nice breezy fabric that has a little flip in it as you walk down stairs or twirl around.  If I didn't already have something that I felt covered this category, I'd be more interested.

This next top was a hard one to let go.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but it's a cream V-neck blouse with black like 'lightening bolts' all over it.  It was far and away my mother's favorite, but again, I already have 3 cream blouses and I'd just gotten rid of two others.  But, it did give me a reason to break out my black circle skirt for this styling.  I forget how much I love it, mainly because it's a little to short to wear to work (without tights).

Finally onto the piece I kept, this turquoise tank with white embroidery.  I like it's fit and color and I could see it easily transitioning from casual to work wear (with a blazer).  The only thing about this one was there was a smudge on the embroidery, so I'm looking at how to return it and get an exchange.  The purse was a nice mix up, but the style was too Boho for me.  I like more structure, which I told my stylist in this month's review. 

All in all, not a great box, but not bad.  I'm thinking I am going to re-adjust my price points as the fall comes around because I think I'll get more lux pieces that might call to me more.  If you're interested in seeing what I got in my other fixes click here or here

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