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First Stitch Fix!

March 6, 2015
I finally got my first Stitch Fix!  I was very pleased with it, but before we dive in, a little background.

Stitch Fix is a website that is essentially a personal shopper.  You set the frequency of when you get your 'fixes' (every two week, month, two months) and for $20 they will pick 5 pieces and ship to you.  Try them on, keep what you like, send back what you don't.  Your $20 fee gets credited to any purchases you make, but if you don't buy anything that fee doesn't roll over.  If you're interested, click here!

The survey you take is pretty comprehensive.  You tell them about your style, price points you're willing to pay, and how conservative/flashy/versatile you want the pieces to be.  You can also link to any Pinterest style boards you have so they can look at what you're liking.  I made sure they knew I wanted pieces that could transition from work to casual.

I got my fix yesterday and couldn't wait to see what was in it!  It comes in a pretty small box, but don't be fooled, there is some great stuff in there!

Each Fix comes with your 5 items, instructions on what to do next, a shopping list with prices (if you buy all 5 you get 25% off!), style cards showing you how you can style each piece and a pre-paid return shipping bag.  Now, let's get into how I styled all my items!

First item is a 'soft' terry blazer.  I had been looking at one on Banana Republic's site just last week.  I enjoy that this can be used for both work and the weekend, but I wasn't thrilled with the color.  The fact that is it so close to a denim color limits the casual outfits I could wear it with.  I ended up sending this back. NOTE: disregard my horrible modeling below

Next piece was a high waisted pattern skirt.  Again, it fit and I enjoyed the unique print, but I wasn't feeling like my best self in it, so I figured it wasn't worth the money.  I got to play around with mixing patterns for the work look, and for casual I went a little more date night.  I styled it with a long knot necklace that was also in my fix....I really loved this delicate piece, it seems really versatile (wearing it at work today!) so I bought it!

My fourth piece is a casual dolmain sleeve top.  I wasn't able to make a work look for it, but the fabric felt more like a fall/winter transitional piece, so I sent it back.  Although I did make a note to my stylist to send something like that again in the fall because I would have bought it if it were October!

My last piece is by far my favorite from the fix, and I didn't even know if I'd like it pulling it out of the box.  It's a printed blouse that I would also call a tunic.  I can see myself wearing this as we transition to warmer weather.  I enjoyed the cuff detail, the neckline and that it's neutral enough I can wear it with both silver and gold jewelry.

I really enjoyed this Fix, and maybe it's encouraged you to take the dive and try it out.  I can't wait to see what spring/summer looks come at the end of April!  Feel free to ask me more quesitons in the comments or on my Facebook page!

I'll see you back here, in my closet!

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