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Adventures in Consignment Shopping #2

March 5, 2015
So I've been de-cluttering and I finally let myself realized that I don't and won't ever use the Kate Spade diaper bag I bought right when I found out I was pregnant.  I think the price I paid for it was what made me keep it.  But, that's what consignment is for!

I went into my local Clothes Mentor store....they are owned by the same company that does Plato's Closet, but specialize in women's wear.  I fully intended to sell the bag and bring home the profits and bank responsible.  But as they were discussing pricing on my piece, I perused.....I should have never perused.  I found a diamond in the, pointy toe Manolos!  In my size!!  I tried them on and walked around the store to make sure they were legitimately comfortable, and then I looked at the price....only $80....for MANOLOS!  And what's more I'd been considering looking for a more versatile pair than I already have.

I told myself if they offered me more than $50 for my bag, I was going to take that money and get the shoes.  After I gave them ample time to discuss I came up to the desk for my offer.  They were going to offer me $75!!!!  So, needless to say, I got my Manolos for $5!!!!!  Can you tell I'm excited!

I love consignment shopping for work clothing, but also for special occasions and maternity...when you can't make yourself pay full price.  Below are two great outfits they had styled for those specific times in your life.  


Such a cute casual weekend maternity look!

This dress is only $30, I don't lie.....see the below proof!

What are your favorite places to buy/sell clothing?  The seasons are changing soon here in central Illinois which means getting to spring clothes, with a potential to sell more!
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