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Sweater Weather!

January 31, 2015
If you're coming here, that means you found the new URL.  I went 'all in' for $12 and bought my domain....maybe it will motivate me to be a little more diligent with blogging and possible make a buck or two....who knows (crazier things have happened).  I'm also going to be playing with the layout and style to get something that truly speaks to for changes!

While the Midwest had a brief glimpse of 'seasonally warm' weather, it looks like we are about to go plummet back into the cold.  A few weeks back I wore layered sweater looks all week.  It was inspired by this Pinterest link found in November by a collegiate student I advise.  It seemed genius and a great way to streamline the new body I was rockin'.  Below are a my examples and a few pros/cons I learned from trying the tip.

First, I apologize for my horrible selfies....I need to get better at taking photos of myself.

Overall, I thought the tip worked.  I didn't have to deal with a lot of wrinkles underneath my sweaters and no one knew what was going on under there.  I will say there is one aspect that I'm not a fan of.  Because I'm still nursing my son, and I pump at work, I decided to wear my Target nursing tanks as my between layer.  This worked great in the functional aspect, but since the tanks are longer, they always were showing at the bottom (you can see it on my navy and blue sweaters.  Now, if this doesn't bother you, then the entire tip works great.  But, if you're like me, if I'm wearing a patterned button down, I'd like the bottom hem to stick out to create more detail.  I was just missing this.

So, overall, great tip, just watch your tank lengths.

Thanks for reading and come back for my review on Jamberry nail wraps in a week or so.  I'm hosting a party, if you're interested in buying any, leave a comment!

See you all later, back here in my closet!
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