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Looking Forward, Not Behind

January 1, 2015
So....I've been a terrible blogger...maybe it's because I know not many people read, but I'm determined to change that.

With the new year upon us, many people start thinking about their resolutions and plans for the next year.  Thankfully, I've been able to take the last few months and get myself into a routine and now I don't have to make a fitness/weight loss resolution (!!).  So I'm looking at this blog...and I want to get back into it.  But I know I need a plan, and I have to do it slowly or I'll just give up (again).

So here's my (SMART) goal:

In 2015, revive the blog in phases.  From Jan-Jun, write at least 2 posts per month, content is open to all things fashion, health, motherhood, etc.  From Jun-Dec, write at least 4 posts per month, focus content more on fashion trends or tips/tricks.

Per this goal, the minimum number of posts you should see from me in 2015 is 36, however I'm hoping that I can start making some kind of schedule for myself and get in more than that.

Over this holiday break, my husband and I put out baby free time to good us.  We COMPLETELY overhauled our basement storage.  I was ruthless with my purging of clothing and I donated 3 bags to Goodwill and brought two laundry baskets full to consign (and got $97 for it!).  I've been able to reduce my seasonal storage to one large Sterile tote....I'm hoping to keep that by instituting a 'one in, one out' policy for this year.  So, readers, hold me to that.  If I mention I got something new on social media or on a blog post...ask me what I got rid of in it's place!  I'm holding this mainly to clothing, since I don't do a lot of shoe/accessory shopping.

Below is a shot from my new organized winter closet!  I use the top shelves for work and casual sweaters, plus pants and leggings.

Here's what I wore on New Year's Eve....I didn't end up getting a photo of me in said outfit, of course, but I'm pretty bad at taking photos of myself....I'll have to get better.

Rented the dress from Rent The Runway, it's a website where you can rent designer looking for a fraction of the cost.  They were running a NYE sale, so I got this Monique Lhuillier for $20.15!

Well, spread the word about my blog.  I hope to use it as an outlet for my fashion and styling passion!

I'll see you all back here, in my closet!
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