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The Week in Outfits

April 9, 2016
My time management has been crap this week, so I apologize if this post seems a little rushed....I won't be linking similar options, but if there is every something you'd like me to find, I'm more than willing to help - just ask!

Monday - I was all over the place!  I wanted to wear this dress (purchased at a consignment store), but it was pretty chilly outside still.  I had a chambray blouse over it, but felt it was too casual for Monday at 5 minutes before I left I switched to this mint blazer.  It's not the best outfit, but working with engineers they didn't know any different.  The shoes are Dr. Scholl's and they are my go to summer wedge for work....I can walk around all day with them on!

Tuesday - Back to some staple pieces.  This Talbots shirt is linen, so I find myself having to be really careful when I put it away otherwise I have to steam it before every use - which is just annoying.  As I sit here looking at this photo I'm trying to decide if I could pair this blouse with a pencil skirt....what do you all think??

Wednesday - Man this week was a bunch of repeats!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, having those go to pairing makes it easier to get ready in the morning.  I know a lot of you are working parents that may not have ages to stare at your closet and pick out pieces....and that's OK!!  I recommend really purging down to what you actually wear so that your mornings are less hectic!

Thursday - I commented on Instagram how I remember vividly that you were 'not allowed' to wear black with brown in the 90's/00's.  My how times have changed!  All neutrals (black, brown shades, nude, white, most animal print) can be worn mixed and matched together.  You could even make an entire wardrobe out of neutrals and make your accessories the accents!

Friday - This is probably the most simple outfit of the week, but the one I'm most in love with.  It's unassuming, chic, casual and put together at the same time.  Proper fit is key in my eyes to making you feel put together.  If they pants had been baggy or the blouse hadn't come in at the waist a little, this outfit could feel frumpy....know the different between fitted and 'tight' on your body - it makes a huge difference!
PS - I also curled my hair with my tapered wand this morning, just because.  I always get a lot of complements on it and love the look myself, but most days never have the time to do it!

Well, that's my quick round up.  Again, I'm sorry I couldn't do links this week, but most items have been worn before and have links in previous post (scrolling at the top).  I promise to get back to three posts a week, I just am struggling to find time to sit down and write them!

Have a great weekend, and I'll see you later - back here in my closet!
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