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David Kind review

November 2, 2015
I finally got myself to the optometrist for the first time in over a year and I learned two things:

1) Wearing your contacts longer than their recommended apparently has HORRIBLE consequences
2) I have such bad astigmatism that no readily available (read: not custom) soft contact can correct to get my at 20/20.

So I purchased some contacts that can get me as close as they can, and I started looking into getting a new pair of glasses that are full strength.

I had heard of David Kind through my favorite blog right now, The Small Things Blog.  Kate is just so down to earth...with enviable hair

Anyway....I thought I'd give them a try.  The premise behind David Kind is that you select three frames and a stylist selects three frames.  They send you them (with no corrective lenses) and you have 6 days to test all the frames out and review them for purchase.  Of my 6, 2 were front runners and after wearing one pair all day over my contacts, it quickly became my favorite.

Here are some shots Rob took of the packaging (which is pretty slick) and me wearing the frames.

The first three frames below are the ones I selected for myself

I took a risk on this clear pair, but I thought it might look like I'm not wearing glasses.  I was wrong.

This pair was a pretty conservative style, but I picked it in a sage green to change it up.  Nothing was really wrong with this pair, just didn't love it compared to others.

 Favorite pair from my selections.  It's a tortoise shell color, which makes it less severe on my fair skin.

The next three frames are ones my stylist picked from some questions I answered and a photo I sent in.
 Wasn't loving these frames, the gradual change in color was something I couldn't get over.

 I felt like Noah Bennett from 'Heroes' wearing these frames.  I little too round also for my taste.

 These were my favorite from her selections, again a tortoise shell color with a more square frame.

I took a few selfies and posted on my facebook page to gauge people's opinions:
  The winner was the pair on the right, which is what I eventually choose.

Now the process includes shipping all the glasses back, with comments on each frame.  Sending my stylist a photo of me wearing the frame so they can gauge lens fit and emailing my prescription in so they can create my set!

Once I get it in I'll post some more pics on Facebook!
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