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Oscar Bests and Worsts

February 23, 2015
I'm a pretty faithful Awards Season devotee and the Oscars are my Super Bowl.  With a new baby around, Rob and I weren't able to get to see as many of the Best Picture nominees as we normally would, but we look forward to watching them at home on our comfy couch.

I was a little disappointed by the E! Red Carpet this year, I know it was raining, but there were basically no interviews.

Here are my pics for least favorite looks:

I have LOVED Emma Stone's previous Globes and SAG looks and was hoping she'd come in something more edgy.  I just didn't love this color.

Gwyneth was giving me some major SJP in SATC with the huge bow.  Just didn't love it, the color did remind me of her Shakespeare in Love win dress.

Again, with Lupita...last year she KILLED on the red carpet, and this year has been miss after miss.  I felt the full beaded look was really heavy looking.

And here are my pics for best looks:

In my mind, Cate can do no wrong.  She is flawless, loved that she kept it really basic and let that necklace do all the talking.

Rosamund was looking so fierce in this full red look.  She had been wearing a lot of neutral on the carpet so far, but tonight she was channeling Jessica Rabbit.

Zoe JUST HAD A BABY....two actually, I think.  Yes, the straps could have gone, but if she's breastfeeding, those things need some support!!  She has an amazing new mom glow.

Finally, she's not my best, but not my worst....but I had to give another shout out to Scarlett Johansson.  That woman also just had a baby....and look at that waist!  You go girl.

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