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Save Me from the Cosmetics Aisle!!

January 23, 2014
So not only do I have a problem with shopping for clothes, I also have a problem with cosmetics.  I blame YouTube.....I just get sucked into a haul or review and there's always something that I wind up wanting to try.  I guess that's their purpose, to get you to buy something.....I'm so weak.

My vanity is literally an old desk....full of's ridiculous.

But with being pregnant, my skin has been on point lately.  This surprises me because I always had 'problem skin' in high school and college, but I found I was exfoliating too often and irritating my skin.....I WAS THE PROBLEM!!  So I've since changed my routine to a daily wash at night with a micro-dermabrasion weekly.

Here are a few beauty products (skincare and makeup) that I've been loving recently:

I've spent lots of money on high-end cleansers, but not seen the results worth the money.  Both of these Neutrogena cleansers work wonderfully on my the Naturals one since it is also a makeup remover and gets eye makeup off completely!  I normally apply this with just my fingers in the shower, but on occasion will use my Clairsonic if I'm feeling frisky.

These are two items I use weekly or bi-weekly.  This mask is amazing and soooooo cheap!  It pulls the oil from your nose and makes you feel refreshed!  This Boots exfoliator is a cheaper version of the Mary Kay I previously used.  It does it's job, but you'll want to make sure you moisturize or use a serum after to replenish your skin in this cold weather!!  Which brings me to a new product I just bought yesterday......

I read in my newest Redbook that you should be hydrating your skin halfway through the day since your moisturizer stops working.....seems legit since it's -4 degrees outside.  They tried to get me to buy a $26 bottle of Benefit Skincare hydrator, but I wasn't havin' it.  So I found the $7 alternative above.  And so far I'm loving it (use = twice so far).  It's got rosewater so your face smells a little rosey right after application, but it hydrates your face throughout the day without moving your makeup.

Speaking of makeup.....I go through a lot of phases with what colors I like or when I don't like to wear a lot.  Right now I'm sticking with a pretty basic combo of neutral eye with a slight wing and a pink or possibly bold red lip.  Here are a few staple makeup items.

My skintone is very pink so I NEED foundation.  Props to those of you who don't.  I got a color match at Sephora with their new iQ tool thingy and picked out the Sephora brand 10-hour wear foundation.  It's working so far, I love the pump and that's what truely drives my search for a foundation.  Other key items are a great blank liquid eyeliner.  I switch between this L'Oreal and the Revlon Colorstay liquid.  Also a great palette so you don't have to mess with individual shades.  I keep reaching for the original Naked palette since I tend to look better in smokey brown/copper/gold shades than black/grey (Naked 2).  I haven't found a blush/contouring combo that I love and that's really my hardest area.  I don't know how to contour my round face well to make it a bit more elongated.  More YouTube videos I guess.

But enough rambling for today....stay warm and I'll see you back in my closet (or makeup bag!).....:)
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